More McLaren carbon cars


Ive been lucky enough to drive this. It’s a McLaren MP412C and it is built at McLaren’s new factory in leafy Woking, in the British home counties. Now a second car is being made there; the $1.3m P1. The covers came off the P1 at the Geneva motor show. Both cars use the innovative carbon-fibre body which McLaren has developed with its partners. This body tub is made with an automated process which helps to bring down the cost of what was a highly labour-intensive process. Now, according to Autocar, the third model is taking shape and it will compete against the likes of a Porsche 911. No bad going for a new venture launched in the teeth of a recession and which, with the help of innovative manufacturing technology, may turn a profit in 2013. Carbon fibre is already migrating from supercars to more mainstream vehicles. BMW is using it in the coming i series and Ford is looking at the possibilities. So too, it seems, is the VW group.

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