3D printing HP

ONE company you might expect to make three-dimensional (3D) printers is HP, a giant in the world of two-dimensional printing. There are similarities between inkjet printers and desktop 3D printers, which deposit successive layers of molten plastic instead of liquid ink in order to build up solid objects. So HP should know something about the […]

3D printing scales up

There is a lot of hype around 3D printing. But it is fast becoming integrated with mainstream manufacturing: My three page report in Technology Quarterly here: http://econ.st/165jGGg Leader on 3D printing, http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21585005-signs-are-3d-printing-transforming-manufacturing-not-ways-you-might Talking about my three pages on how 3D printing scales up: The Economist http://econ.st/165jGGg  

UPS and 3D printing in the supply chain

THE emergence of three-dimensional (3D) printing will have a revolutionary effect on manufacturing, but it may be equally disruptive for firms that make much of their living warehousing and delivering spare parts for companies. Now, one of the biggest delivery firms, UPS, is going to test 3D printing in its stores. Stratasys, a Minneapolis company […]

3D printing power shift

Consolidation in the 3D printing business continues as the big companies in the industry aim to provide services and products that cover the field, from consumer printers to industrial additive-manufacturing machines.  Stratasys, based in Minneapolis, (and which merged with Objet of Israel, last year) has now bought Brooklyn-based MakerBot, the leader in bringing 3D printers […]